“We are a 501 c3 nonprofit charity organization dedicated to aid and support the 18 Series Green Beret”.

We call our extraordinary company “18 Series Coffee Company”. The number 18 is the US Army’s Military Occupational Specialty designation for Special Forces. The 18 Series encompasses all jobs in Special Forces. 18 Alpha: Team Leader, 18 Bravo: Weapons, 18 Charlie: Engineer, 18 Delta: Medic, 18-Echo: Communications, 18 Foxtrot: Intelligence, 18 Zulu: Team Sergeant, 180 Alpha: Warrant Officer, and 18X: Candidate. Plus, it takes about 18 steps for us to get you great tasting coffee. 18 Series Coffee Company is founded by 18 Series Green Berets for Green Berets. – De Oppresso Liber

Who We Are

not your average
cup of Joe

Chuck whose picture is featured here next to our “cup of Joes” is no average Joe and our coffee is like none other. See Chuck and I have been working on this project since we were on an ODA (Operational Detachment Alpha) together.

Chuck and I have been in the most austere environment under some of the harshest weather and extreme circumstances but through it all we had that morning ritual. The team would all get up and get ready for the day while our medic Chris would already have the brew going. As I would wipe the sleep out of my eyes, begin reading the situational reports Chris would hand me my first cup of Joe. I could hear Chuck rousting the rest of the fellas with the temptation of that first cup of miracle in the AM.

We believe we have taken that same need for a great cup of Joe to start the day and brought it to you. In doing so we are on a journey to continue our team ethics by donating proceeds to help those folks that helped Green Berets and Green Berets in transition.


Our roast is brought to you by the country of Pineland who offered the first star course. That our roast was meticulously cropped from the dark shadows of people in the Uwharie forest that blends only the perfect bean. This newest Roast is no different. We’ve just opened our aperture to include others to bring our newest eye opening brew to you. Wait til we finish our tea!

Giving back

Supporting those who support us

Our team located on some small corner of the world started by selecting potential recruits for our mission, people we could trust and those that would put their trust in us. They underwent rigorous training regimes, including combat tactics, counter-insurgency techniques, first aid and physical training. We emphasized creating a force that could operate as we did-a team. Instead of operating from fortified bases, Green berets prefer to live in local communities. This immersion approach allows us to gain the trust of the villagers, leading to better cooperation and collaboration. We have been accused of going “Native” more than once.

All of our world-wide missions take on this same approach. In the many complex environments and combat zones we serve in we have come to realize that both our Green Berets who are wounded and transitioning to civilian life along with our translators and fighting force need a little help from time to time. We are fortunate to have you help us provide shelter, food and transitioning support. Our promise is to Charlie Mike-continue the mission and link up on top of hill 555 with all our people fit to continue our service to America.
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