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This is where the rubber meets the road. We aren’t selling coffee. We are providing coffee for a donation that we can use for SOF members and their families and our allies left behind. We leave no person behind. Your purchase of our coffee allows us to support people in the supply chain that provide 18 Series Coffee to you and proceeds to our humanitarian effort. Your donation to our 18 Series Coffee non-profit provides direct support to the SOF and oppressed communities.


At 18 Series Coffee Company, every day is a Monday. A day which brings forth another opportunity to make a positive difference in the life and world of past, present, and future Green Berets, and their families. One bag of coffee at a time.


18 Series Coffee company provides help to our fellow Special Operating Forces veterans and allies that supported us in Combat. We are using a really great tasting and variety of coffee to entice you to donate to our cause. The Special Forces motto is De Oppresso Liber; to liberate the oppressed, it’s a lifelong commitment.

Lo Que Sea, Cuando Sea, Donde Sea.

Meet the team

Meet The men
behind the beans

Chuck and I, we’ve been in the trenches together since our ODA days. We’ve faced the harshest weather, the craziest circumstances, you name it. But through it all, there was one constant – our morning ritual.

Every day, as we prepped for whatever the world threw at us, our medic Chris would have that coffee brewing. I’d be wiping sleep from my eyes, diving into situational reports, and bam! Chris hands me that first cup of Joe. I can hear Chuck stirring up the rest of the crew, tempting them with the magic of that first morning cup.

Now, we’re on a mission. Chuck and I are bringing that same need for an epic cup of Joe to everyone. It’s not just about the coffee; it’s about the experience, the camaraderie. And guess what? We’re taking a page from our team playbook, giving back. Proceeds are going to help the folks who’ve had our backs – Green Berets and those in transition.

Join us on this journey. It’s not just about the coffee; it’s about making a difference together. Cheers to starting the day right and supporting those who’ve always had our six.

Perry Blackburn

Co-Founder | SF LTC (R)
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Chuck Pense

Co-Founder | SF SSG
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Perry Blackburn

LTC (R) Perry Blackburn is a retired US Army Special Forces Officer and the CEO of AFGFree. During his time in the military, Perry served in multiple roles with the US Army.

The majority of that time was spent with 5th SFG(A), where he was deployed to multiple theatres. He served both in Afghanistan and Iraq, and was an ODA team commander during Operation Anaconda. As a Green Beret, he was one of the very first Americans on the ground in Afghanistan after 9/11.

He was one of the famous Horse Soldiers that rode into the country on horseback that were featured in the film “12 Strong”. In addition, Perry was a member of US Special Forces dive teams and he later played semi-professional football as a QB1 for the Abu Dhabi Wildcats. Perry is also a proud father and loving husband.

* Perry was in the invasion force in Afghanistan and Iraq and served multiple tours in both areas. He was an Operational Detachment Bravo commander, commanding Special Forces A teams and one B team on his infiltration into Afghanistan in 2001. Perry’s story has been written about in numerous magazines, newspapers and books. Recently a Navy SEAL wrote the “Talent War’ and opened with Perry’s story.

Chuck Pense

Chuck spent 4 years with the 82nd ABN as an 11C and 13F. Subsequently he moved onto the 12th and 19th SF Groups at Los Alamitos CA. Serving on ODA’s 334 and 971 as an 18 Bravo. Multiple deployments overseas included Central America, Korea, Japan, Thailand, and North Africa. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, he served 8 years as a Security/ Force Protection contractor, assigned to multiple Forward Operating Bases to include FOB Danger, FOB Warrior, COB Speicher, and various bases in the vicinity of the Victory Base Complex in Baghdad. He also worked at Regional Embassy Offices in Kirkuk, Al Hilla, Basra, and the main US Embassy in the Green Zone