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Please feel free to reach out to us or contact us on social media. We actually like hearing from our customers. If you are reaching out in need of help, please put that in the subject line. All inquiries are close hold-just between us.

Our beliefs

Our beliefs are
more than a cause

Our beliefs are deep rooted, they come from a life of service and giving our youth to the defence of this Nation. Irrespective of politics we believe the people that served with us in combat and our SOF veterans deserve a lifelong support system. We are blessed to be able to found one of the few coffee companies that dedicate our efforts and proceeds to helping others. With your purchase of coffee or donation we can do just that.

Who We Support

We support Special Operating Forces veterans, their families and those that stood beside us in combat and are still operating to free the oppressed. We provide shelter, food, transitioning assistance and educational aid. It is our goal to help others be successful.


The big difference is we aren’t just selling coffee we are providing help to our fellow Special Operating Forces veterans and allies that supported us in Combat. We are using a really great tasting and variety of coffee to entice you to donate to our cause. The Special Forces motto is De Oppresso Liber; to liberate the oppressed, it’s a lifelong commitment.
No, you don’t have to buy coffee to donate but we sure would like you to be a lifelong coffee buyer from us. We have a donate page that you can donate straight away-and thank you we will make sure your donation goes to those that really need it.
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